January 11, 2021

Ashley Chance, Artemis Sportswoman

Ashley and I sat down to have an important conversation about hunter retention. The female hunter percentages are so high for entering into our community. Sadly though the amount of women who stay in hunting more than a year are much much lower. So what is the reason? COMMUNITY! Ashley and I chatted about how important it is to have community for hunters, men and women. There are so many groups that are great about introducing people into hunting and fishing but how about the long haul? Artemis is a program that isn't about mentorship it is about retention! It is about having someone to walk into public land and hunt, go with on hunts throughout the year, learn things together and grow together as hunters and anglers. Artemis has grown in the western part of the US but we want to expand further East! How can you get involved? Listen in and be a part of this community. Find local chapters to grow with and learn from! Thank you so much Ashley for such a great convo! you can find more information at Artemis.nwf.org! 

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