November 9, 2020

Doug Duren of Wisconsin…Land Owner, Manager and Conservationist

You might have heard or seen Doug on a few MeatEater podcasts alongside Steve Rinella and on the Back40 episodes with Mark Kenyon. Joe Rogan also has had a great conversation with Doug. You might have heard Doug speak so passionately about land management and ethical responsibility. Doug actually has come alongside some of my very own West TN landowners to talk about CWD.

Today, Doug Duren joins me for a heavy conversation about CWD and our responsibility as "land owners" to the holding at bay the spread of this disease within our herds. We talk numbers, science, awesome things that in the works to make it easier to dispose of carcasses that are infected...dumpster programs... and being a part of the testing process. We talk about what it is like from a land owner perspective of inviting others on your property to hunt and help with managing numbers to the hunters who are helping landowners with management to the public land hunters. How are apps like OnX joining the fight? 

We are all fighting CWD in one way or another; either to actively fight in the middle of it or fight to keep it at bay! Join us for this conversation and let us know how you and your state are involved in keeping CWD from eradicating your deer and elk herds.

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